What to look for in a fence and deck contractor

One managing a project for your home, its not always easy picking the right contractor for the task at hand. Some things to look for in a contractor are:

Website Gallery: This will show previous work completed, a contractor should also be able to produce a few address for you to look at the work in person.

Testimonials: If customers are satisfied with the work completed they are more than happy to speak highly. Some reviews can be fabricated its always recommended to speak to previous customers.

Insurance: A contractor should have at a minimum 2 million in liability insurance. This ensures that if they damage property, it will get repaired. A contractor should also carry WSIB coverage for their employees. Do you know that when you hire someone to perform work at your home that you become the general contractor? If a contractor or his employees are working on your property and they get injured with no coverage that you can be liable for their medical bills and recovery?

Down Payments: Depending on the project a down payment may be required to secure materials. There should be no more than 25% of the project paid prior to starting the work. If a contractor is asking for more than 25% you should be very concerned.  Does the contractor have credit issues, will he even show up to start the work? We just finished a fence for a customer who paid another contractor 50% up front. The contractor set 9 posts and abandon the job, didn’t return calls. We were called to finish the job.

Personality: A contractor should have a level of professionalism that shows he cares about the trade, your needs, and will commit to a quality install.


Meet Sal

Sal is a Mechanical Engineer and for several years, managed large scale projects for automotive companies. Tired of the cubical lifestyle, Sal wanted to do something for himself. Being very passionate about outdoor living and skillful in construction Cedar Springs Decks and Fences was created in 2008. Starting out with simple wood fencing and a post hole auger Sal slowly built his company. Sal based his installation techniques on quality over low pricing. After 5 years in business cedar Springs has grown into a corporation that has skilled carpenters, various equipment and several services, including deck and fence construction, sheds, shade structures, demolition, excavations and pool fill ins. You will be impressed on what we can do for you.


Feel free to call and make an appointment for a free quote or consultation. We look forward to serving you!

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