Getting Ready to Install a Fence This Year

Winter is in full force, which means it’s not exactly the ideal season for fencing in Windsor. The ground is frozen solid, and piles of snow currently cover your yard and make it difficult to envision the fence that you want; but don’t let winter stop you from being prepared. This season is an ideal time to get a head start on your plans, ensuring that once the frost breaks, you’ll be ready to start your fencing project. While you wait for the snow to melt, here are some of the ways you can prepare for your spring fence installation:

Know the Purpose

Fencing in Windsor can serve many purposes; what’s yours? Do you simply need to set a boundary? Are you trying to keep a child or pet from leaving the yard or entering a hazardous area? Are you installing a pool and need it secure? Is the fence being installed for privacy and security? No matter the reason, knowing your purpose will help you prepare and guide you in all of the important decisions that come along with building a fence.

Pick a Style

Once you’ have decided why you need a new fence, it’s time to decide what kind of fence best suits your needs. If your main goal is functionality, choosing chain link can be a budget friendly option, but if privacy is at the top of your list, wood  or PVC would be the better choice. If Style is priority and not privacy consider an ornamental metal fence. You should also consider your budget and the amount of time that you’re willing to commit to regular maintenance in the future. Below is an example of a PVC fence.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

Ornamental Fence

Ornamental Metal Pool Fence

Do Your Research

There may be building codes or by-laws regarding fencing in Windsor that regulate the look, size and location of your fence; make sure that you have informed yourself about these before committing to fence installation. You should also know where your property lines and underground lines are located, and whether or not you’ll need a building permit. Windsor does not require a fence permit but neighbouring municipalities such as Tecumseh & Lakeshore do. Also most municipalities have a height restriction of 6ft where as Windsor allows you to build a 7ft tall fence. To the right is an example of a fence that meets pool code.

Be a Good Neighbour

Even once you have determined where your property lines are located, you should talk to your neighbours and make sure that they won’t be put out by the construction process or by the finished product. Especially if it’s a shared fence, you’ll need to ensure that they’re in agreement with the look and size of the fence, since it will be impacting their home as well. Below is an example of a wood fence with mirrored sides.

Wood Fence with matching sides.

Wood Fence with matching sides.

Hire a Professional

Rather than attempt to install a fence yourself and risk making mistakes, hire professionals who specialize in fencing in Windsor. Prior to installation, they’ll be able to provide you with invaluable opinions and information. Asking to see examples of their past work may also inspire and generate ideas for your own fencing project. Also do your research on a company and ask the questions. Are they insured? Carry WSIB for their employees? Have they won any awards? Are they a member of Landscape Ontario?

Taking these steps to prepare yourself and your home for a new fence will ensure that you won’t waste any time come spring. Your vision will be a reality in no time!


Meet Sal

Sal is a Mechanical Engineer and for several years, managed large scale projects for automotive companies. Tired of the cubical lifestyle, Sal wanted to do something for himself. Being very passionate about outdoor living and skillful in construction Cedar Springs Decks and Fences was created in 2008. Starting out with simple wood fencing and a post hole auger Sal slowly built his company. Sal based his installation techniques on quality over low pricing. After 5 years in business cedar Springs has grown into a corporation that has skilled carpenters, various equipment and several services, including deck and fence construction, sheds, shade structures, demolition, excavations and pool fill ins. You will be impressed on what we can do for you.


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