Why Should I get a building Permit for a deck?

Most municipalities require one. With a permit, the municipality will inspect the deck for compliance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC). This ensures a sound, safe structure which should last for decades. Unfortunately, not every deck builder understands the OBC, and while their workmanship may be excellent, the deck may be unsafe.


>What type of wood can I use for a fence or deck?

Cedar is a natural outdoor wood that is easy to work with, resistant to twisting, cracking and shrinkage, and has a gorgeous colour. Cedar should be stained or painted every few years. This is our favourite material. Pressure treated wood is a cheaper material that has been chemically treated with special chemicals (that give it the distinctive greenish colour) to preserve the wood. needs little or no maintenance and will last 25 to 30 years.


How deep should footings for a deck be?

48 Incehes for a deck


How deep should footings for a fence be?

3 feet for a fence, at minimum.


How much does a deck cost?

Deck prices can vary over a considerable range: size, materials, complexity, details, difficulty in digging or gaining access; uneven terrain, ground conditions, removal of old decks, patios, bushes, landscaping, rocks or boulders; and weather. Even parking (how far away from the site) can affect the costs of a deck. An upper level deck with 12 to 16 steps can cost more than a lower level deck.


Railings, planters, benches, split levels, skirts, pergolas, type and direction of floor boards, whether the decking is screwed or nailed down, type of materials, size and shape.
An on-site estimate can give you a more accurate price.


Feel free to call and make an appointment for a free quote or consultation. We look forward to serving you!

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