Basement Waterproofing Windsor

Basement leaks can happen anytime and in any home, especially those with basements that are situated below the soil. Homeowners who wish to get rid of the problem or to avoid future leaks and floods should have basement waterproofing. The approach will prevent foundation damage as well as keep water from accumulating. A sump pump will get the job done effectively and at the right price provided that the individual compare products first.


Waterproofing Overview

Basement waterproofing can be done to the walls to avoid a wet basement. The process involves installing the proper drainage system, as well as sealing the area using foundation waterproofing materials, a sump pump and a sump pit. There are different types of setups and features that will safeguard the area. Some people think that it’s normal for the basement to get wet. The problem is, moisture and wetness can lead to a weak foundation and compromise the structure. If
the walls of the basement start to leak, flooding can occur in the basement, damaging items stored in the area. Mildew, mold and fungi can also develop over time and cause allergies, irritation and diseases to family members. The leaks can be caused by damaged pipes and drains.


Beginning of the Process

There are many waterproofing basement items and systems that will keep the basement intact and dry from water. There a few things that a home owner can do themselves. On the ground surface ensure that your downspouts are leading water away from the home. Grade the soil so that rain water will drain away from the home. You can also apply concrete caulking to where sidewalks and walls of the home meet. If all this fails than you need us to come in. We prefer to eliminate the problem at the source. This involves digging around the home to the foundation, installing drainage tile, applying tar and drainage board.



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