Why you do I need to dig deep footings for my deck, fence or other structure.

This question gets asked everytime when we install. Why do you have to dig so deep? Plain and simple to ensure that the posts stay plumb against high winds and do not heave in the winter. In warmer climates such as Florida the posts for a 6 foot tall fence are fine when set into 2 foot deep holes. Some may say due to the recent mild winters we have that the 2 ft depth is fine for Windsor Ontario. This is a huge mistake. Post heave is a slow and steady process, it may take a few years but sure enough your post will “magically” lift themselves out of their footings.


The Process of Post Heave.

As the frost penetrates through the soil it pushes anything it gets under upwards. So in the event that your post footings are only two feet deep, it will lift upwards during the cold and sink down when its warm. You may think well if comes back down in the warm weather no big deal….wrong. As the post heaves upwards it scrapes the surrounding soil. This soil falls downward into the space created from the lifted post. When your post settles back down its no longer 2ft into the ground. It may be 23 inches down. This process repeats over the years and eventually your fence falls over.
Many of our competitors are cheaper and there are reasons why. Not all of them dig deep footings. If you want it done right


Meet Sal

Sal is a Mechanical Engineer and for several years, managed large scale projects for automotive companies. Tired of the cubical lifestyle, Sal wanted to do something for himself. Being very passionate about outdoor living and skillful in construction Cedar Springs Decks and Fences was created in 2008. Starting out with simple wood fencing and a post hole auger Sal slowly built his company. Sal based his installation techniques on quality over low pricing. After 5 years in business cedar Springs has grown into a corporation that has skilled carpenters, various equipment and several services, including deck and fence construction, sheds, shade structures, demolition, excavations and pool fill ins. You will be impressed on what we can do for you.


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